Third Paddle Podcast with Jen McFarland
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The Third Paddle is a weekly podcast that explores transformational journeys, women's issues, and equity. Your path may not be clear. One thing I know. We are all connected. When you get stuck up a creek, sometimes you need a little help, like a third paddle to get you out. That's why we're here. For women, business owners, aspiring business owners, and people who know we get better together.

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    How to Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts - TTP47

    Negative thoughts and images are so intrusive. They can take over our lives until we see nothing else. Learn how Jen turned her thoughts, experiences, and health around by taking one simple step.

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    How to Reframe Thoughts When You Feel out of Control - TTP46

    We talk about the government shutdown, and real-life examples of how it's affecting people who work for the federal government - and people who don't. We also talk about how not having control over a basic thing like when you're going to get paid can cause catastrophizing and black and white thinking. Then we close out to talk about how we can get more compassionate politicians to help us avoid this mess in the first place.

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    Love the Body You're In with Lucia Pavone

    Today, we talk body love with Lucia Pavone is an international speaker, instructor of the art of sensuality, with an emphasis on full body orgasm. Tired of feeling like you're too much or not enough? Learn why getting to know your body (and love the body you're in) is the key to happiness.

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    How to be Shamelessly Feminine with Jen Rozenbaum - TPP44

    Today I interview Jen Rozenbaum. We talk about what it means to be shamelessly feminine, and how overcoming fear comes down to putting things into perspective while practicing presence over perfection.

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    What's Your Next Evolution? - TPP43

    Liz gets her own podcast (and I'm her FIRST guest!!), Jen gets a new website with awesome business recommendations, and we talk about the next evolution. Are you ready?

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    Behind-the-Scenes Get to Know Jen Holiday Mashup - TPP41

    We go behind-the-scenes of some of our favorite interviews, and Liz interviews Jen. Sit back and relax, learn about the Vandal Lounge, Booker, coffee roasting in Italy, and what it's like to work with Jen.

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    Shiny Object Syndrome: How to Stay Focused on Priorities - TPP40

    Shiny object syndrome (SOS). It’s a thing. A thing you can avoid. You know all those apps and tools you bought on Black Friday? Do you know how you’re going to use them? How to stay on task with your plan, including resources and budgeting.

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    Don’t Burn the Business Plan with Sandra Hughes - TPP39

    Burning your business plan is the latest craze. We talk about why having and using a business plan helps you get clarity, align your goals, and set revenue targets to help you stay on track. Sandra Hughes also recommends building your business as a side hustle. Listen to this episode to learn why and how.

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